Before you watch

Jonas Gahr Støre is the Norwegian Foreign Minister, charged with working for Norway’s interests internationally.

Vocabulary notes

intrastate — existing or occurring within a state

interstate — connecting, or existing between two or more states

While you watch

Identify the message of the talk (in one sentence).

While watching, pay attention to the following words and expressions in context. Use them in your answers to the questions below and discussion.

deficit of political dialogue

cross-border relations

interstate conflicts

intrastate conflicts

to feel reluctance to do something

conceptually and politically dangerous

military presence

to profoundly disagree

After you watch

  • Answer the following questions:

1. What kind of conflicts are diplomats best trained to deal with?

2. What does the diagram on the slide illustrate?

3. Does traditional diplomacy offer a solution to dealing with intrastate conflicts? Why?

4. How has the situation in Afghanistan changed since the military intervention more than 10 years ago?

5. Why does the Minister mention the Red Cross?

  • Comment on the quotation “You don’t make peace with your friends, you make peace with your enemies.” Why does Jonas Gahr Støre say that it is hard, but necessary?