Structuring Information: Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a clever way to structure the information which you need to understand, memorise, evaluate or otherwise critically process. This skill makes a student’s life a lot easier as, instead of a long, monotonous list of information, you deal with a bright, eye-catching, brain-friendly diagram of concepts.

How to mind map:

• place the main idea or the central theme you intend to develop in the middle of the page;

• introduce sub-topics as branches radiating from the main idea;

• if necessary, develop branches into twigs for lower-level sub-topics;

• use different colors for different levels of the mind map.

Mindmapping will help you:

• develop critical and analytical reading skills, e.g. break down a lengthy complex article into logical centres;

• brainstorm for ideas if you need to write an essay or make a project;

• present information when you deliver a PowerPoint presentation;

• take notes while watching a video or listening to a lecture;

• organise and learn new vocabulary.