Rob May : Your Human Firewall – The Answer to the Cyber Security Problem

Vocabulary notes:

stunt — something unusual done to attract attention

scam — a dishonest scheme; a fraud

Pre-viewing Task:

What statistics or findings would you look for to measure people’s awareness about their vulnerability to cyber crime?

Viewing Task:

Answer the questions below:

  1. How does the speaker prove that cyber crimes are pervasive?




  1. How does the speaker prove that we don’t value our security in cyber space?
  1. What does the image of pipes typify?
  2. Why does the speaker refer to the following:
    • Starbucks
    • phishing
    • whaling?
  1. What measures can enhance our cyber security?
  2. What is human firewall?

Post-viewing Task:

  1. What makes the speaker’s address convincing?
  2. Speak on the topic “People’s Awareness About their Cyber Security”. To illustrate your idea, use the statistics and examples from Rob May’s talk.