1. Watch the Lead-in to the round table and define two main problems outlined.

2. What does the term ‘oxygen of publicity’ mean. Who coined the term? When?

3. According to Michael Jetter, what is the nature of the link between coverage and further attacks?

4. Match the names of the participants with their positions

1. Michael Jetter                                            a. chairperson

2. Richard Sambrook                                     b. professor of Economics, UWA

3. David Foster                                               c. former anti-terror adviser

4. Afzal Ashraf                                               d. former BBC director

5. Jahan Mahmood                                         e. anti-extremism adviser

5. Match the ideas expressed with the speakers

a) The voices of opposition must be heard but challenged.

b) Disproportional coverage of terror attacks leads to radicalisation of young people.

c) Separate evidence from assertion, opinion from analysis.

d) It’s the concept of ‘success’ that drives radicalisation.