Episode 7 (51:01-57:58)

Before you watch

1.     Study the following words and phrases:

Searing (to launch a searing attack) – powerful and critical

2.     Study the information on the following:

Chequers – the official country residence of British Prime Ministers since 1921

Resignation of Boris Johnson and his criticism of Theresa May



Jeremy Hunt – the UK Foreign secretary 2018-2019


NCSC — The National Cyber Security Centre is an organisation of the United Kingdom Government that provides advice and support for the public and private sector in how to avoid computer security threats. Based in London, it became operational in October 2016, and its parent organisation is GCHQ.


While you watch

Answer the following questions:

1.  What issue is high on the agenda during the consultation between Sir Simon and the newly appointed Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt?

2.     What image of post-Brexit Britain does Jeremy Hunt envisage? 

3.     What is the reason why Sir Simon never considered a career of a politician? 

4.     How many cyber attacks were repelled by NCSC in two years 

After you watch

Discuss the following:

  • Would it be wrong for a civil servant to keep a diary?
  • Sir Simon draws parallels between the Brexit time, 1815 and 1919. What underpins these parallels? Do you find them reasonable?