Episode 3 (18:44-24:45)

Before you watch:

1. Study the following words and phrases

Atrocities – cruel and violent acts, especially in a war

To put a text into blue – to finalise a document

To call smb’s bluff – to tell somebody to do what they are threatening to do, because you believe that they will not be cruel or brave enough to do that (пытаться раскрыть чей-то блеф)

Brink(s)manship – the activity, especially in politics, of getting into a situation that could be dangerous in order to frighten people and make them do what you want (балансирование на грани)

Inner Sanctum – a private room where somebody can go and not be disturbed; a holy place

Your Excelency – a title used to talk to somebody who has a very important official position, especially an ambassador

2. Study the information on the following

Amal Clooney — barrister who specialises in public international law, international criminal law and human rights. https://www.doughtystreet.co.uk/barristers/amal-clooney

While you watch:

Watch the film and be ready to answer he following questions:

1. What is the metaphor the presenter uses referring to diplomacy at the beginning of this episode?

2. Why does the UK need Russia’s support?

3. What is the main objective of the proposed resolution?

4. If the Security Council passes the UK drafted resolution, will the member states have to follow it?

5. How many member states, permanent and elected are there in the Security Council?

6. How often is the president of the Security Council change? On what principle is the president elected?

7. How does leaving the EU influence the work of the UK representatives in the UN?

8. Was the UK resolution on DAESH eventually adopted? How did the member states vote? 

After you watch:

Discuss the following points

  • Do you think the tactics such as brinksmanship or calling somebody’s bluff can often be used in negotiations? Or should they only be used as the last resort?
  • What other negotiation tactics can you think of?
  • What qualities should a good negotiator have?