Episode 6 (37:37-51:00)

Before you watch

1.     Study the following words and phrases:

 Vermin (plural) – wild animals or birds that destroy plants or food

Backwaters – a place that is away from the places where most things happen, and is   therefore not affected by events, progress, new ideas

To keep the plate spinning – to keep a number of different activities in progress

2.     Study the information on the following:

Catherine Arnold, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Mongolia 2015-2018 OBE


OBE – Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire


While you watch

Answer the following questions:

  1. According to Sir Simon, why is it sometimes easier to achieve great results having a small resource? 
  2. What is the number of staff working in the British Embassy in Ulan Bator, Mongolia? 
  3. What assignments did Catherine Arnold have before being appointed Ambassador to Mongolia?
  4. Why is Mongolia an important potential trading partner for the UK? 
  5. What does the Cummins company produce and where is its UK based plant located? 
  6. Why is the contribution of the British Embassy in concluding important deals very often underestimated? 
  7. What causes pollution in Mongolia? 
  8. How does the UK based company Cambridge Masks propose to remedy the problem of pollution in Ulan Bator? 
  9. Why do so few Mongolians wear pollution masks? 
  10. What are the points to be discussed with the President of Mongolia? 

After you watch

Discuss the following:

  • How important are personal relations in diplomacy? Can you give examples when good interpersonal relations contributed to overcoming political differences?
  • What is your take on the pollution masks initiative? Is it about helping fight pollution or rather making benefit and taking advantage?