Episode 3 (10:05-16:35)

Before you watch

Study the following words and phrases:

The opposite number – a person who has a very similar job or rank to you, but in a different organisation, a counterpart

To usher in – to be the beginning of something new or to make something new begin

Clause – an item in a legal document that says that a certain thing must or must not be done (пункт договора)

To come to the aid – (formal) to help

A leg of the trip – a part of the journey 

While you watch

Answer the following questions:

1.     Why does Boris Johnson mention Ian Flemming in the preliminary discussion before the talks? What is the purpose of invoking this name? 

2.     What is the purpose of filming a short episode in front of the museum? 

3.     How old is the diplomatic relation between Britain and Portugal? 

4.     What is Foreign Secretary’s itinerary for the day?  

After you watch

Reproduce the context for the following:

  • “Martini shaken not stirred”
  •  “We’re Portugal’s fourth largest”
  •  “It’s quite something! You’ve got more gold here than we have in Foreign Office”
  • “I’ve never known such a huge apple of discord thrown into British life.

Discuss the following:

  • The role of civil servants counselling Foreign Secretary
  •  Dealing with unwelcome or personal questions