Episode 2 (05:22-10:05)

Before you watch

Study the following information

  • Caroline Wilson (Europe Director in FCDO 2016-2019)


  • RAF Northolt – Royal Air Force station that handles private civil flights in addition to Air Force flights
  • A Treaty of Windsor 1386



Backdrop – the general conditions in which an event takes place, which sometimes help to explain the event

Infamous — well known for being bad or evil

To be vocal – telling people your opinion with confidence

While you watch

Answer the following questions

  1. What will be the first stop on the FS itinerary? 
  2. What is the condition for the UK to become more prosperous on leaving the EU? 
  3. Has Portugal been supportive when it comes to the Brexit issue? 
  4. What should be done during the visit? 

After you watch

 Discuss the following

  • Why is this trip so important for Britain?
  • Caroline Wilson sounds rather sceptical as to Boris Jonson speaking French on his visit to France? What might be the reason for her scepticism?
  • The British delegation are wearing poppy brooches. What do they symbolise? Why is it so important for the British?