Episode 6 (44:35-52:28)

Before you watch

1. Study the following words and phrases

Dressing-down – an occasion when somebody speaks angrily to a person because they have done something wrong 

To expel diplomats – to force diplomats to leave the country

Accredited to the Embassy – with official permission

Short of breaking the diplomatic relations – without breaking the diplomatic relations

To up the stakes — to increase the prize or reward in a competition

To bring to the spotlight – to give more attention

To hold someone accountable – to hold someone responsible for their actions and decisions and demand an explanation

While you watch

Watch the episode and answer the following questions

1. How many Russian diplomats were expelled following the Skripal case? 

2. What did Stephen Hickey recommend doing by way of the response to the alleged Russian attack? 

3. When Jonathan Allen makes a remark about being aware of the country they are dealing with, what exactly does he mean? Can you infer it from his words? 

4. How many countries supported Britain’ accusations of Russia?

After you watch

Discuss the following issues

  • Sir Simon claims that the Security Council meeting in the wake of the Skripals case was a defeat of Russia. Can you agree with this statement? Be ready to prove your point?
  • How strong was Britain’s position?
  • Do you know if there are any updates on the investigation?
  • After such a drastic turn for the worse in the relations between Russia and the UK, can you envisage any warming in the near future?