Fringe elements – those members of a political or other group whose views are considered to be very extreme and crazy

To hijack – to take control of something in order to advertise your own aims and interests

To engage with smb – to become involved with and try to understand

To no-platform – to refuse someone an opportunity to make their ideas or beliefs known publicly, because you think these beliefs are dangerous or unacceptable

To curtail free speech – to limit or restrict free speech

Martyr – a person who suffers very much because of their religious or political beliefs

Suggested questions:

  • What famous personalities are banned from speaking publicly at British Universities? Why? (Boris Jonson, writer Germaine Greer, Julian Assange, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell)
  • What are the perspectives of the four attandees?
  • Naa Acquah
  • Weyman Bennett
  • Peter Tatchell
  • Eric Heinz

Voice your own opinions on the following:

Should freedom of speech be absolute and unlimited?

Are there cases when freedom of speech should be restricted? If so, what are these cases?

If freedom of speech is restricted in any way, doesn’t it cease to be a freedom?