Case studies are real-life problems or situations which can be used to engage students in speaking or writing practices, boost communication in class-room and develop analytical and critical thinking skills. This is a good chance to practise new vocabulary and grammar structures and also sport your knowledge of the profession chosen and the world. So jump at the opportunity!

In this case we will study the concept of preventive diplomacy, its tools and the ways in which it is put into practice on the basis of the case of Kyrgyzstan. 

Preventive Diplomacy in Action. Kyrgyzstan 2010


Preventive diplomacy is action to prevent disputes from arising between parties, to prevent existing disputes from escalating into conflicts and to limit the spread of the latter when they occur.

The UN approach to preventive diplomacy

The UN can engage in conflict prevention and resolution at any stage and its activities encompass


Follow the link below and study the UN’s preventive diplomacy toolkit (the particular ways in which the UN engages in preventive diplomacy.)


Study the case of Kyrgyzstan (2010) down the link below and identify the tools the UN used at different stages of the conflict cycle.