Inside the Foreign Office

Episode 6




Trevor Noah stand-up Barack Obama Meeting Nelson Mandela

Watch and discuss the speech (effectiveness, delivery, oratory techniques)

Obama Victory Speech 2008

David Cameron’s first speech as Prime Minister 2010

Compare both speeches
Election Night Victory Speech, Grant Park, Illinois, November 4, 2008 — script
David Cameron gives first speech as Prime Minister — full text

Case Study

Preserving Minority Languages: Scottish Gaelic

Discuss the case

Round Table

Round Table Unit 2: Political Correctness

Overview + Stage 1: Cases quick take

Mark Pagel How Language Transformed Humanity

Watch and discuss

home assignment:

Inside the Foreign Office: film 2

Episode 1

Watch, perform the tasks, be ready to discuss in class


Joann Rowling’s Commencement address at Harvard

Watch the address, focus on humour and jokes.

Theory of International Relations

Carr: The Twenty Years crisis Part I pp 96-107

Read the Chapter and perform the tasks 

Round Table

Political Correctness

Stage 2: Language Laboratory double take

Mark Pagel How Language Transformed Humanity

Summary, topic, thesis, arguments, positions for a Verbal Joust